Million Dollar Accelerator Program

Discover how our life-changing online program can help turn around your trade-based business to be able to create a constant and reliable stream of New leads!

Watch our FREE online training webinar to learn how to generate a constant stream of new work as a tradie!


"The New Sales Pathway:

A 17-minute crash course that personally allows me to generate thousands of leads per month"
Inside this free training video I'll show you:
The 9 accelerators to increasing your leads and sales instantly. And which field 97% of business owners should focus on right now.
This training is suitable for all types of trades. E.g. Landscaping, building, plumbing, electrical and excavation - just to name a few.
How to transform your lead flow from a trickle to a flood!
3 Keys to designing an effective New Sales Pathway™.

What Our Course Teaches You

These are some of the key elements we focus on with our clients in order to help them boost their profits, attract more leads and Get more time!

Identify Your Customer

Luke will teach the importance of identifying and targeting the demographic that suits your company. Every tradie has a specific audience they need to reach. We’ll discover how to tailor your marketing approach to match your ideal customer

Map the Customer Journey

What does your customer’s journey look like? Here you’ll learn how to provide your customers with their ideal experience. You’ll discover how to map out what your customer’s journey into your business should look like. From meeting them, to completing their project.

Set Up Your Marketing Strategy

Do you have a winning marketing strategy? This can be a massive game changer for your business. Luke will teach you how to develop an effective marketing strategy that is tailored to your audience. This will skyrocket your leads, help generate new clients, and boost your overall ROI!

Get Your Website Ready

Luke will teach you how to build a website that gets results! Maybe you don’t have a site or your existing site may need to be revamped. We’ll discover what makes a winning website and Luke will show you the key to developing a site that generates you leads!

Nurture Your Leads

Are you getting new leads? Great! However, a hot lead can go cold fast, if you don’t learn how to properly nurture it. Learn the necessary skills you need to acquire in order to cultivate and optimize every lead that comes your way!

Measure Your Success

In order to know where you are, you have to know how high you’ve climbed. Many trade businesses don’t have a clear picture of their success. Luke will teach you how to interpret both marketing and business metrics, so you can learn how to maximize your growth!

How The Course Works

Access the 90 day program anytime online.

Watch the interactive online modules, participate in the weekly Q & A and get access to Exclusive bonus content.

Actively implement what you’ve learned and report back to your personal concierge marketing specialist.

Measure your success. View the metrics of your growth and maximize it. Get Access to your own personal Data dashboard.

Have your one on one consultation with Luke and his team in order to develop your lead generating and 'Get of the tools' strategy!

Have a Consultation With Luke

CEO of Biz Mastery Luke Tadich offers you one-on-one consultation. Learn how to get results with your tradie business!

Be mentored by a CEO that earns a 7-figure income. Have all your questions answered, and create a customized strategy for your business - designed by Luke. Get real results fasts!

Stop chasing after your next job, hoping you won't run out of work.
Stop barely making enough money to cover your cost of living.
Save your time, money, and resources.
Start learning how to optimize your business! Live the life of a CEO, instead of an employee!

Want to speak with Luke directly?

Here's your chance to be mentored by a CEO that earns 7-figures, and has a lifetime of experience in growing a trade-based business. Together, you and Luke's team will discover what's preventing your business from growing, and what you need to do in order to turn your small business into a 7-figure powerhouse. Stop relying on referrals - knowing your workflow can come to an unexpected screeching halt.

Nobody needs more INFORMATION. You need more IMPLEMENTATION.

We'll pin-point your company's weaknesses, troubleshoot your problems, and you'll learn the winning business strategy that Luke has implemented in each and every one of his tradie businesses. You started your trade-based business to be your own boss and to be financially independent; not broke, tired of chasing leads that go nowhere, and unhappy because you don't have the time you'd like to explore life. Learn how to think and live like a CEO, instead of working like an employee in your own business.

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